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Any parent or adult who spends a lot of time around children will have observed that children learn best through play. The younger the child the more this is the case. Very young children can learn through structured learning, but their attention span is too short for this to be the main way for them to learn. Therefore, play is a vital component of any child's development.

What Children Learn Through Play

When children play, they learn a multitude of different skills. To grow up into a healthy and happy adult a child needs to learn a multitude of different kinds of skills.
To be physically healthy they need to learn how to move. Games for babies and toddlers strengthen their bones and muscles; teach them hand eye co-ordination, balance and many other skills they need to be able to function on a physical level.

Children learn how to socialise with others through play. In particular, they learn how to get along with others, when to share and when to assert themselves.

Imaginative play helps them to sort all kinds of things out in their mind and to develop emotionally by thinking about and acting out different scenarios. They learn to be creative and to think outside the box during imaginative play.

Play allows children to explore the skills they learn. This includes math and reading skills. A child's day-to-day early life offers very few practical situations in which to practice these skills. Play provides the chance to cement what they already know through practice and to get the thrill of using what they have learnt to have fun.
The Role of Toys in Play

Whilst there are some games you can play without any toys at all, what you can learn without toys is actually quite limited. Toys for a child are almost what props are to an actor.

Parents from all walks of life appreciate the importance of play in their child's life. Therefore, they invest a fair amount of their household income into buying their child toys. Parents are always looking for the latest children's educational toys to help their children to learn. Many parents secretly enjoy these toys themselves, which is great for the kids.

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