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If you're going away for a few days or longer but cannot find a cat sitter, then catteries in London are ideal. Catteries in London is the perfect way for you to enjoy your holiday as you know your cat or cats are being well cared for back at home.

Catteries in London is the perfect holiday destination for your cats where they can enjoy the beautiful and comfortable surroundings and are fed high quality meals and delicious treats. Knowing they are being looked after means you can start enjoying your well deserved holiday, guilt free.

Viewed as a bed and breakfast for cats, catteries in London is the place many pet owners take their cats when they are unable to feed or look after them for a period of time. You may want to see the catteries for yourself to ensure they are adequately clean, spacious, comfortable and warm.
For added convenience, there are several catteries in London conveniently located near the main airports so you can easily drop off and pick up the cats before and after your travels. Or if it's not possible to make your own travel arrangements before or after your holiday, the catteries in London may be able to arrange a delivery and collection service.

Discounts may be offered if you have more than one cat to stay at the catteries in London. Larger chalet or cabin options are particularly useful if the cats are from the same family and can share a larger space in comfort.

Popular catteries in London may fill up quickly especially during peak holiday seasons. Smaller ones will have limited spaces so it's best to book early to avoid disappointment. Also, catteries in London may require the cats to have proof they've received their vaccinations. It is therefore advisable to check if you need to bring the vaccination certificates before you arrive. Turning up without your certificates could result in you being turned away which can cause unnecessary stress before your holiday and you may struggle to find another cattery at such short notice.
Catteries in London are vital for when pet owners in the area spend time away from home. For cat boarding London close to Heathrow Airport visit

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