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Most homeowners have taken the step of installing at least some loft insulation. In the past few years, +10% rises in fuel bills have not been uncommon and it is a trend that many homeowners expect to continue. To help keep the cost of their fuel bills down most people are taking the step of insulating their home starting with the loft space. However, a surprising number of consumers are still only installing one form of loft insulation. This is despite the fact that there are several types of insulation available and installing more than one significantly slows down the rate at which a home loses heat.

Kinds of Loft Insulation
The most commonly used kind of loft insulation is the type that is rolled out between the rafters. It is exceptionally easy to install and is a job most people can tackle themselves in just a few hours. The most time consuming and difficult aspect of the job is moving all the junk you have in the loft. More and more people are taking the opportunity to clear out their lofts and sell their gear at boot sales or on-line. They usually find that the money they raise more than covers the cost of buying their loft insulation. There are several versions of this kind of loft insulation to choose from each of which offers a different level of insulation. Even if you already have this kind of insulation in your loft, it is worth considering laying another layer of newer insulation over the top.

If you want to you can insulate the actual roof. A lot of hot air escapes from between the tiles. Using an insulating foil, which can be tacked to the joists, is another relatively easy DIY job that can be done in an afternoon.

If you are having a new roof put on it makes sense to upgrade your loft insulation at the same time. This gives you the chance to have an extra layer of insulation laid on the outside of the roof directly under the roofing felt or tiles. This is one of the most efficient forms of roof insulation available.

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