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There are many factors to consider when buying something as important as kitchen splashbacks. The design is obviously important but so too is ensuring that you choose kitchen splash backs which are good looking, hygienic, and durable while offering the kind of protection your kitchen walls and your kitchen require. Fortunately, there are many colours to choose from and, in vitreous enamel, there is a material which offers all of the physical properties that you require when designing a kitchen and using a splash back as part of that design.

Kitchen splashbacks are typically placed on the wall behind the cooker. They are used to prevent dirt, fat, and grease from collecting on the wall behind the cooker. Painted or wallpapered walls can prove very difficult to clean and this means that grease can build up over time. With splashbacks this isn't a concern as they are easy to clean and hygienic as well as attractive.

Vitreous enamel kitchen splashbacks are made from a material that combines the strength of steel with the beauty and finish of glass. This unique combination is what has helped make them so popular. Steel is extremely tough and strong so even if you knock it with pans you will be unable to break your new splash back. It can also withstand incredible heat; an essential property for a splashback that will be placed behind the kitchen cooker.
Vitreous enamel are similar in looks to glass splashbacks but the addition of steel to the material means that they are actually stronger and tougher. The additional strength means that less material can be used which, in turn, means that the splashbacks are lighter than their pure glass counterparts.

One of the main reasons that people choose vitreous glass kitchen splashbacks, however, is for their beauty and design. They offer a unique look and you can choose from a wide variety of colours. You can have the splashback cut to your measurements and you can even leave holes for pipes or any other elements that might need to be placed behind the cooker. Splash backs are extremely versatile as well as great looking and beneficial.

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