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Just like the hapless homeless man you pass a couple of coppers to at the end of a day’s hard work is in society; Starlings are at the bottom of the birdlife hierarchy.

Many people snub common birds like Starlings. They see them as surplus to requirements; the bully-birds who snatch all the ‘best bits’ from the bird feed you regimentally distribute between the bird tables in your back garden on every icy morning during the winter season and it’s true; as soon as the nuts, raisins, stale crusts and fat balls leave your palm and reach the bird tables; the little rainbow ragamuffins swoop down and swipe whatever they can in a single journey through all the bird tables you have positioned within the backyard of your home. And, no matter how much ground coffee you lay to deter the ruffians in star-spangled jackets, they continue to parole the bird tables and leer down at the innocent little Blue Tits and Robin Red Breasts who are simply gathering to get a good old feed when there is little else to satisfy their tums in these harsh times.

In fact just to trick the pesky little tinkers, you have bird tables everywhere. And because of the reputation that precedes them for having the best, most vast range of bird tables around and at the most competitive prices; you have purchased numerous bird tables from Natures Best Designs which are now all carefully positioned in your grounds to attract the birds you desire and detract the ones you could do without. Your bird tables are expertly situated in every nook and cranny you can think of, just to help keep Britain’s bird alive before the sun puts his hat back on.
In fact, you’ve got Natures Best Designs table post bird tables overlooking the crystal clear waters of the fish pond for giving your little Sparrows a picturesque view whilst they dine on Sunday’s leftover roast dinner; ‘Jail House’ bird tables snugly hidden by the compost heap for keeping away the gluttonous squirrels who get more than enough grub elsewhere and you’ve even purchased ‘Nuthouse’ and ‘Play House’ bird tables to place on the decking that is overlooked by your French windows so that should there be nothing good on the box; you’ve always got a natural spectacle to marvel over, right from the comfort of your own armchair.

Hand- carved from Oak- proven for its weather- bearing potential and durability- the range of wooden bird tables from Natures Best Designs can be discretely nestled into your back garden and become the social meeting point for a vast array of common birdlife. They are affordable, long-lasting and available today so visit to find out more!
Bird Tables from We are manufacturers and suppliers of homes for all animals you find on your home or garden. Visit our website for Bird Boxes.

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