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With some ingenuity and creativity (and of course a little hard work) you can make your staircase look very attractive and pleasant. These ideas are priceless, cost effective and easy to complete. I have collected a few brilliant ideas that will lighten up your journey up and down the stairlift California every day.

1. Decorating the Back Wall: This is the landing that connects the curves of the staircase. The back wall on the landing can be elegantly decorated with simple, cheap things, For instance, you can pick a few priceless photographs from your collection and make sepia prints of it. Frame them and arrange them on the wall. The key to making this elegant is keeping enough space between the frames. I would not suggest you to clutter the entire wall with photo frames. Now every time your curved stairlift California slows down at the curve of the stairs, you will be greeted by some sweet memories.

2. Decorating The Front Wall: When you install stairlift California, you will have one wall always to your back and one to your front at all times. The one that stays at the back can be kept blank or painted in a fine colour contrasting or matching the surrounding. The one that is at the front can be decorated and there are at least a hundred different ideas as to how that can be done. But, when the case involves wheelchair users, we would suggest against the use of breakables like china plates, glass frames, chandeliers or stone artefacts that might harm the wheelchair perchance it dislodges from its perch.
3. Decorating The Baseboard: The baseboards on your staircase might be among the most ignored spots in your home. No one decorates it because no one cares much about 6 inches of wood or concrete that sits between two stairs. But you can make it look pretty with things you will find around the house. Scan a nice pattern from your clothes or find a nice design (of high resolution) on the internet, take printouts, laminate them and paste it on the baseboard with strong glue.
The last thing that you can do to make the staircase pretty is to polish the wooden surfaces on the rails and the steps with high grade wood wax. This will keep your stairlift California shining like new as long as you keep using it.

Article By: Charles Harper

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