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If you’re interested in the fine art of ballet, you’re going to need ballet costumes. Ballet is more than just a form of dance, and that’s why ballet costumes are so important when it comes to putting together a complete ballet performance. In many ways ballet is more theater than dance, as a story is being told rather than simply displaying physical coordination and a sense of style to music.

As with all theater productions, a number of elements are required to get the audience invested in the story, meaning you must draw them in with as many techniques of the stage as possible, in ballet part of this illusion is ballet costumes. Swan Lake for example is a very famous ballet, but you will never see it performed with ballet costumes as a lot of the nuances of the story will be lost, and without ballet costumes it will simply be reduced to a dance exhibition and nothing more. While ballet costumes can highly vary in terms of design and the elaborate nature of which they appear, they must all be built with a degree of flexibility involved. Ballet is all about smoothness and flowing movement, when you cannot achieve these two elements the pace of ballet is lost and as a result the ballet costumes become ineffective and in many cases harmful to the overall production.

In terms of what else ballet costumes must do for the performance, they must speak about the character. Using subconscious levels of design to trigger feelings and perceptions, ballet costumes must be able to say everything about the character without speaking a single word. In many ways the performance of the ballet dancer does this also, but it is incomplete without ballet costumes. The performance of the ballet dancer and the ballet costumes combined creates the character for the stage, and as such they blend into the overall performance and are able to convey the story to the audience. In many cases ballet costumes don’t have to be elaborate, but be sure that they have some visual flair to keep audiences visually engaged in them and catch the eye.
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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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