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Backpack vacuums are one of the major tool for commercial cleaning.These are lightweight canister-type machines and allow for increased mobility.
They strap to the users' back by means of a set of shoulder straps and a waist band.They can fit in areas where other vacuums do not.

Professional cleaners depend on the versatility and power of backpack vacuums to clean schools, hotels, elevators, food service areas, elevators,
stairwells, aisles and much more.  Backpack vacuum cleaners maximize productivity and have been proven to double the speed of cleaning versus
standard upright vacuums. carries backpack vacuums from Pro-Team and Clarke, two companies known for their durable,
state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

  Few good reasons to buy a Backpack Vacuum

Backpack  vacuum is a lightweight cleaner which makes it easy to get in and out of difficult, tight or confined spaces quickly and easily.

It has ergonomically designed back support and harness with flexible shoulder straps and waist harness that makes a perfect fit for the operator.

Backpack vacuums got their popularity with use by those who engage in industrial cleaning - including offices, hotels, and large public buildings.

Another best thing is the versatile hose that allows you to vacuum carpet, corners, tight spaces, and under furniture.You can also reach great heights with the backpack vacuum as the hose will extend to reach walls and ceilings.

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