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The government and numerous business owners often appear to be at odds with workplace directives emerging from Brussels, and one of the latest sectors to find itself under the European spotlight is the hairdressing industry. Proposals being drafted will prohibit hairdressing staff from wearing high heels whilst on duty, instead suggesting that footwear with non-slip soles becomes part of the dress code. Jewellery items, including watches and wedding rings, could also be vetoed if the proposals become directives.

Furthermore, the recommendations also take in to account the number of customers that hairdressing staff should be allowed to service within a working day. Suggestion is made that too many cuts, colours and blow dries might be detrimental to their emotional and mental wellbeing. The health, safety and wellbeing of staff members is of imperative importance to the business owners and HR payroll representatives of any company, in the hair and beauty sector, or any other completely unrelated sector. Yet the National Hairdressers’ Federation is concerned that enforcement of the proposals on the table in Europe may have a collective £3million price tag attached in bureaucracy and wasted resources for UK salon owners.

New and evolving employment legislation emerging out of both London and Brussels is regularly a minefield for business owners and their HR payroll personnel, yet failure to comply can prove costly and catastrophic. In order to allow themselves to concentrate on the daily running of their operations, business owners increasingly enlist external help from HR and payroll companies.
At Moorepay, our complete HR and payroll solutions are provided to businesses of all sizes, on a partially or fully managed basis. We remove the burden of struggling to keep abreast of evolving legislation from the shoulders of business owners, navigating the minefield on their behalves, and ensuring that they continue to operate legally.

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