Are they really marble tiles?! Yes, yes they are.

Home & Family Home Improvement Are they really marble tiles?! Yes, yes they are.

Marble: a natural stone that's in a class all by itself, and for an air of sophistication and artistry, marble tiles are a classic choice for any room within any abode. Marble tiles renowned for providing a heightened level of sophistication to a kitchen and indeed, elegance to a bathroom, and although marble tiles aren't what every interior designer is looking for when it comes stone flooring, they are a feature that can instantly inspire a new design project and enhance the desirability or either room. Marble tiles are ornate and alluring with a natural air of distinction and class and are well- suited to mobilise a number of effects- modern and traditional- and for a commercial application such as the reception area of a corporate building, marble tiles on the floor certainly set an affluent, professional tone for the rest of the building.

Today, marble tiles and stone flooring are a lot more accessible for the average Joe Bloggs verses the golden oldie days when stone flooring was traipsed from the opposite end of the globe before it reached your doorstep. Stone flooring using marble tiles has always been revered amongst modern design professionals and wealthy homeowners because of its obvious aesthetic appeal and opulent appearance but given its prevalence nowadays, it is no longer limited to the aristocracy or the higher classes of society.

Marble tiles can fit with any of you current designs and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, durability and even colour and not only great for stone flooring, marble tiles are even used in wall and ceiling murals now as a hard- wearing alternative to wood.
And not appearance over functionality; the smooth surface of marble tiles is ideal especially during the humid summer month, because it remains cool and comfortable, they are hypo- allergenic and can even prevent allergy- causing bacteria from taking hold of your system, because of its dense surface leaves no room for harmful particles to reside as they do on a carpeted floor. Marble tiles are even easy to clean and require very little maintenance or repair!

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