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Years ago, absolutely every home dressed their windows with curtains and net curtains. At one stage when fabric was in short supply and money was especially tight it was not uncommon for homeowners to forget the curtains and put up just a set of nets. However, gradually over time, they went out of vogue and at one time, they were seen as something only old ladies bought. Now they are back and anyone who uses curtains rather than blinds is once again out looking for a set of nets to finish off their windows.

There is no doubt that they complete the look, but they also ensure that you have complete privacy within your own home. You can see out, but others cannot see in unless you turn the light on.

Where to Buy Net Curtains
You do see net curtains for sale on the High Street, but the selection is quite limited, so it can sometimes be hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Luckily, you get a far better selection on-line and the search term 'net curtains UK' brings back quite a few sites you can buy them from.

It is wise to take an hour or so to have a good look around. That way you can compare prices, including the cost of delivery. By bookmarking the ones you really like you can quickly find them again when it is time to make your final selection.

Caring for Net Curtains

Once they have arrived putting them up should take moments. Many of the websites that sell net curtains also sell the rails, which sit on two little hooks either side of the window. If you do not already have these rails, it makes sense to order some when you order your nets.
Most nets hang out quickly. If they do not take them down and wash them according to the instructions and hang them up again to let them dry in situ. To keep them looking good wash them at least twice a year, but be sure to follow the washing instructions, most are quite delicate, so do need gentle washing.

To access and buy one of the best selections of net curtains uk has to offer visit the Linens Direct website.

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