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For many people investing in a vacuum cleaner comes with an expectation of reliability. Unfortunately, over the short term vacuums can require basic maintenance like cleaning while over the long term they may require parts to be replaced. After spending a lot on a trusted cleaner from Vax, many owners may not want to have to invest in another model quite so soon.

This may prompt them to look for Vax spare parts online where there are some extremely cheap bargains to be had which can return an old vacuum cleaner to tip-top working condition. An agitator belt can be deceptively easy to replace, particularly when the company selling provide basic instructions which can be used for many different models of Vax products. Often it is simply a case of unplugging the vacuum, removing a front plate, removing the old belt and stretching the old one onto the brush roll and drive shaft. This can be done in as little as 5 minutes and may cost as little as L3. However, accurately diagnosing the problem with the hoover in the first place can mean that you buy the right Vax spare parts first time. A broken drive belt will usually mean that the vacuum switches on but doesn’t spin up. Many owners often report smelling burnt rubber as well, although any vacuum should be thoroughly checked if producing burning smells since they could have another origin.

When replacing the belt it might also be a good idea to replace the filters as well. Over time these can naturally lose their ability to maintain suction power due to becoming clogged up. These too are deceptively easy to install and will only take around 10 minutes to replace with good instructions. The good thing is that many filters can often be fitted to different models as well.
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