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Concrete is a material which we are all familiar with; it is commonly used in the construction of buildings and roads and is far from an exciting material. However, when it is polished, it becomes something much more special.

Polished concrete is a very attractive material which is most commonly used as flooring. It is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a stylish, low maintenance flooring solution because it costs very little and simply needs to be mopped regularly to keep it looking good.

Polished concrete also has a unique look which really makes it stand out and as it can be installed and looked after with very little effort, it is commonly used in public buildings such as offices, shops and warehouses but, it looks equally good in a residential setting too.
Polishing Concrete

In order to make concrete look presentable, it is polished using a machine which rubs diamond segments against it. The hard diamonds work to wear down the concrete and this creates the unique polished look which is so attractive.

The concrete will need to be rough ground at least three times and will then be covered with hardener to fill any pores before it can be fine ground. Fine grinding is essential as it controls what the finish of the concrete flooring will be.

Once fine grinding has taken place, a sealant will be applied to the concrete so that it is protected from general wear and tear when it is placed into a building.
Looking after Concrete Flooring

Taking care of your concrete flooring could not be simpler. The only thing that you will need to do on a regular basis is mop the door to remove dust and dirt which will build up through everyday use. You will not need to polish concrete flooring at all, as the whole process of polishing the concrete makes this unnecessary.

Once every decade, however, you will need to refinish your flooring to ensure that it can continue to resist scuffing and that it will continue to look good for many more years to come.

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