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When wanting to add a touch of class to your bathroom there are many choices on the market today. You can go ultra modern with stainless steal or you can go a little less modern and a little more chic with glass. Using glass in a bathroom at one time was unheard of except when talking about a mirror or some small accessories, but today you can get many different items for your bathroom that are made out of highly durable tempered glass.

Durable & Chic- Glass Bathroom Sinks

A good first step to having that ultra chic look in this room is to have a glass bathroom sink installed. Yes, I did say a glass bathroom sink. Today glass bathroom sinks are very durable and while there is a chance that it could break with very rough handling, generally they can withstand the stress of daily usage. They are made out of very durable tempered glass and can withstand almost any abuse that a normal porcelain sink can withstand. Glass sinks are usually above counter sinks, which means that they literally sit on top of the counter. This gives your bathroom a very chic design, and many would suggest that it is a very Italian design.
Exceptionally Elegant- Glass Bathroom Sinks

In addition to the glass bathroom sinks adding glass shower enclosures will help pull this ultra chic look throughout the space. Glass shower enclosures have been used for many years and are generally found in many upscale homes. The interesting note here is that while they are slightly more expensive than just having a glass door to a shower, they are generally within reach of most individuals; however they give your home that very upscale look that most individuals are trying to achieve.

To put the finishing touches on your ultra chic upscale bathroom adding glass top tables are a great way to pull the look together. Glass top tables come in many shapes and sizes so there is one to fit even the smallest space. These tables can be used as extra storage or even a place to showcase pretty bathroom accessories.

There has always been something very hypnotic about glass when it is used properly in any design. The bathroom is a great way to showcase glass because it is the one room in the home that is usually small enough to use even the most expensive materials without breaking the bank. While the care for glass is a little different than most other materials used in a bathroom, with the versatility of tempered glass it can be used safely.
When choosing glass items for your bathroom it is important to know that clear is not the only color it comes in. While clear glass is offered many retail establishments offer glass fixtures and bathroom items in every color of the rainbow and in many different textures. There is literally something for everyone when using this medium. Spacify is specialize in providing the modern Glass top tables. It also Provides glass shower enclosures, glass bathroom sinks for decorating your bathroom ideas.

Spacify is specialize in providing the modern Glass top tables. It also Provides glass shower enclosures, glass bathroom sinks for decorating your bathroom ideas.

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