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Cold, dry air can be rough on your hair, because it can make your hair brittle and break much more easily. During winter, many people experience split ends and if you suspect a harsh winter is coming into your area, you should follow these hair care methods:

  • Use conditioner: Choose conditioner that is designed to moisturize dry hair. If your hair is oily, choose lighter conditioner and if your hair is very dry, choose a rich conditioner, especially if it has the word “replenish” on it. This type of conditioner is fortified with important nutrients and can feed starving, dry hair.
  • When applying conditioner, avoid the scalp area and use it on the length of your hair. It is often necessary to deep condition your hair each week and special conditioning packets are usually available in drug stores and department stores. After washing your hair, apply the conditioning packet over your entire hair length. Let it set for about 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Tepid water can seal the ends of your hair and lock in the moisture. Avoid using hot water as it could leave your hair brittle and your scalp dry.
  • Cover your hair: Don’t let your head exposed to cold air when you go outdoor, wear a scarf, cap or hat. However, keeping your hair tied up can leave it limp and oily due to higher oil production. Check your hair regularly; if it feels greasy, then it could be the time to wash your hair. However, you shouldn’t wash your hair too often: Frequent washing can make your scalp and hair very dry, because some of the moisture is released after the hair is washed.
  • Don’t blow dry your hair: Many people use hair dryers more often during the winter, because going outdoor with wet hair can crack their hair if the moisture freezes. However, excessive blow drying of already dry and brittle hair can also cause dryness. If you need to use a blow dryer, use lower setting to avoid exposing your hair to too much heat. True that you’ll need to brave the cold and use the blow dryer a bit longer, but it well worth the shine in your hair.
  • Comb your hair properly: Don’t comb your hair when it is wet and use only wide tooth comb, if possible. As you comb or brush dry hair, static electricity may build up and to reduce it, use hair spray on your comb. Wooden combs are less likely to generate static than those made from plastic, also finer hair can generate much more static than thicker one.
  • Go to hair spa treatment. In a spa, you can shampoo, steam and oil massage your hair. The thorough hair spa treatment procedures go a long way in improving the blood circulation under your scalp. Vegetable oils are better for scalp and hair massage compared to common mineral oils. Rosemary, jojoba, olive, almond and coconut are perfect in replenishing essential nutrients in your scalp and hair.
  • Use mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is a popular home remedy for dry hair. Just take out some mayonnaise from your refrigerator and rub it in your hair. Allow mayonnaise to penetrate for a couple of hours and cover your hair with a plastic wrap. If possible, leave the mayonnaise all night long if you can tolerate it. Mayonnaise can give your hair a good deep condition. Wash with lukewarm water and style your hair as usual.
  • Use leave-in moisturizer: Leave-in moisturizer should be a part of your winter hair care regimen. Some leave-in moisturizer products can give you a quick treatment for damaged and dry hair. You’ll appreciate the way your hair feels so shiny, moisturized and soft. A bottle of leave-in moisturizer should cost less than $10.
  • Drink water: We often forget that the health of our hair also comes from the inside. Drinking enough water can keep your hair moist during winter months.
  • it’s very much important to do care for your scalp and hair, choose hair care products that best fit your hair and scalp.

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