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  • Free Targeted Internet Traffic

    By Jason Paris

    Let others help with your marketing efforts. You can have strangers pass your site to others and span the globe with viral marketing. Create viral marketing with a free e-book or inviting email, it is powerful and free. To start a viral marketing campaign that grows exponentially and without effort send a witty or clever joke, picture, or poem to people in your address book. If enjoyed the recipient will pass it on to those in their list and so on. You may have received the Bill Gates free offer in your own box. This email has been circulated around the world for over three years and seen by countless. Be sure to include your url with a heading, either near the bottom or in a signature file. Do this once a month and watch your web traffic grow.  Read..

  • Build Your Own Website And Get Free Traffic

    By Mark Shantz

    Build your own website and receive free traffic by creating a keyword focused multi-page web that is both user friendly and informative. There are now ways to achieve this even if you are new to this profession. You can give those web savvy Geeks a run for their money, although many are now using this concept!
    Creating your own site can be a daunting and time consuming task to say the least. Not having advanced techno skills in this area can turn this into a brain curdling experience with no end in site. Some people opt for the free website building programs available on the net, which are a good place to start if you want to learn the basics about web hosting, domain registration, FTP, etc.... However, to build your own Website is a far more satisfying experience which can allow you to express yourself or business in a more original fashion.  Read..

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