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Build your own website and receive free traffic by creating a keyword focused multi-page web that is both user friendly and informative. There are now ways to achieve this even if you are new to this profession. You can give those web savvy Geeks a run for their money, although many are now using this concept!

Creating your own site can be a daunting and time consuming task to say the least. Not having advanced techno skills in this area can turn this into a brain curdling experience with no end in site. Some people opt for the free website building programs available on the net, which are a good place to start if you want to learn the basics about web hosting, domain registration, FTP, etc.... However, to build your own Website is a far more satisfying experience which can allow you to express yourself or business in a more original fashion.

The novice web builder now has access to and control over their own content base and format through site building tools that can be used to create search engine friendly web pages. These pages can then be analyzed and optimized very simply by using a site hosting and research company that provides this special service. The pages are then submitted automatically to most of the major search engines for indexing and later, spidering. This can usually take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months to get listed and ranked. However everyone needs to be patient because this is all part of the listing process.
Most marketers know that to receive Free traffic from search engines is to have a site with valuable keyword rich content that is focused and useful. The competition these days is fierce and unrelenting. Competing against the "BIG GUY" with all the tools, resources, money and experience is a challenge that most home based marketers are in and don't even realize it. The structure of your site must be strong, well laid out and easy to navigate. Until lately this was a job for techno wizard man or hired website design specialists. Myself, I have found this process too time consuming and laborious to say the least. Your time should and can be better spent on the real reason that you became a home business entrepreneur, which is marketing your product or service.

Most small business hosting services or providers include very little in the way of tools needed to grow a truly successful full time Internet business. They usually provide an upgrade package and offer lots of third party software solutions and packages. This too can be a time intensive process to follow so one must be careful to weigh their options and investigate several different providers in order to make a decision that is right for your business requirements. There are however, companies that do deliver more, and can help anyone automate these complicated tedious tasks with greater efficiency and less time. The job of creating a great free traffic site by the inexperienced or less knowledgeable marketer is now within your grasp.

A few months ago I wrote an article about web site management that included information about the different web design tools available such as microsoft Front Page and Print Shop etc. These are also great tools that can be used in conjunction with hosting companies or online web design service providers. For more information about a service that over delivers on this topic and how to receive free traffic you can check out my resource box below.
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