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Since years, fruit and vegetable juice has proved to be beneficial for both health and beauty. Bottle gourd is one of the very famous juices. Bottle gourd juice is also known as lauki ka juice, it is very nutritious and beneficial for health. Lauki is green color vegetable with white pulp and white seeds embedded in it. Bottle gourd is known to one of the earliest vegetable found in Africa, since than bottle gourd has proved to cure several health issues. It is from the family of cucurbitaceae. The vegetable is cultivated in humid weather of India and other tropical region. Bottle gourd has been for curing several medical issues and besides being providing health care bottle gourd it is used to prepare different recipes.

Benefits of lauki are;
•     It is 90% water
•     Provides nutrition
•     Easy to digest
•     Light for the stomach
•     Low calories. 100grm of lauki contains 12 calories
•     Treat any urinary problems
•     Help you get rid of burning sensation
•     Contains no fat
•     Keeps you fit and slim
•     Beneficial for lever
•     It can be cooked in may delicious ways like raita, kofte, stuffed parantha or chapatti and barfi as well
•     Good for any kind of disease like diabetes, high blood pressure etc
•     Can help you stay slim if taken regularly without cheese or butter
•     No side effects
•     Help you keep your digestion easy

Lauki should be tasted before cooking or preparing its juice. Bitter lauki can be harmful for health. Do not eat raw lauki it can harm your stomach, choose small size lauki as big size lauki may have harmful chemical to grow it big.
The juice of bottle gourd is valuable and acts as a medicine for many diseases like diabetes, diarrhea, and low blood pressure etc. bottle gourd juice with a little salt in it should be taken every day. Bottle gourd juice should not be mixed with any other juice, it may be harmful. It should be taken in summers to prevent you from loss of sodium, fatigue, quenches thirst.
Bottle gourd juice mixed with sesame oil is an effective medicine for insomnia. The mixture should be applied on scalp every night. Gourd juice also provides hair care. It prevents graying of hair at an early age. Cure hair fall or baldness as well.

Having gourd juice regularly helps skin to glow and shine. Remove pimples form your skin. Women those who suffer from heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle should take gourd juice on regular basis so as to prevent heavy bleeding.

The juice is beneficial during insanity, epilepsy and other nervous system disease. Gourd juice is good for stomach acidity, indigestion, ulcers. It is good during constipation. Gourd juice contains protein, iron, and mineral and is also rich in fiber, which is missing in the modern diet. Therefore, bottle gourd juice or even the cooked lauki alone gives you enough health advantage. It even contain high vitamin C, that boost once immunity.

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