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Today's consumers are increasingly sophisticated. The buying decisions they make are influenced in a multitude of ways. Most firms realise that branding is as important as the way the product they have to offer looks and functions.

However, some are still missing the fact that where they market their product is also vital to success. Many do not understand how important it is to make purchasing their products from a mobile device, in particular a mobile phone, easy.

Consumers are buying more and more from the web. In the UK, over 12% of all Christmas 2012 purchases were made on-line rather than from shops. Add to that the fact that mobile devices are rapidly becoming the main way people access the web and you have an interesting opportunity. An opportunity very few firms are taking full advantage of. Studies show that 55% of consumers look for products on their mobile devices, but only 5% of firms have mobile websites or mobile Apps.
Having a Website is not Enough

Many firms figure that offering their products over the web is adequate. They reason that people can access their website from their mobile device, so can buy from them using their mobile devices.

In reality, successfully navigating a website designed for a full sized screen is not easy on a mobile phone. Most people give up and buy elsewhere. Sales are missed because firms do not use mobile apps to provide their customers with an interface that allows them to easily buy using their mobile phone.

The Power of Apps
A mobile app developer will explain that apps are there for far more than just making it easier for consumers to actually buy products. Their true power comes from creating buzz around a company and its products. They are a fantastic marketing and branding tool. Apps can be used to educate consumers about products. They can be used to encourage consumers to use products or services in different ways. This can open up new markets, as well as generate more sales from existing customers. There are dozens of ways to use mobile Apps to grow a business and boost its sales.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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