Why Pay for Satellite TV in the Digital Age?

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It may seem that Sky dishes will soon be a think of the past. After all, with Freeview boxes offering dozens of channels all for free, the exclusive club of those having more than five channels has been completely disbanded. So why would you want to still pay for a Sky dish and pay a monthly subscription when there is now so much content available for free?

Firstly, it is worth remembering that if Freeview promises you dozens or hundreds of channels, then what you are actually getting is just a handful of channels that you will actually watch with any regularity. On top of this, the way Freeview is transmitted means that not everyone will be able to receive a great signal and in turn many will not have all the channels available to them that they should.

By buying Sky dishes outright instead of having them installed for free as part of a package, you will not only be able to choose exactly which channels you have and exactly how long you have access to them for, but you will also simply be able to watch Freesat via your dish and have access to far more channels than Freeview could offer, and not pay another penny for the privilege.
Clarity and signal will both be far superior with satellite TV, and by buying your own Sky dish outright, you literally have all the freedom in the world to make your own choices about which channels you have access to rather than just being handed a generic selection on a plate.

Ultimately, satellite TV still has many benefits and whether you want access to films, sport or even simply an array of more focused channels, not only might paying make sense, but you also might not have to pay anywhere near what you might expect.

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