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Power and distribution transformers are an essential piece of equipment when generating electricity from a power plant to your home, office or building. These transfer the electric current from one circuit to another.

The Invention

These devices were invented in 1831 by Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry independently, but Faraday published his findings first and received the credit. The first experiment was conducted on the induction between wire coils; it wasnít until 1836 that the first transformer was used using induction coils which were invented in Ireland by Rev. Nicholas Callan.
There were a lot of trails from the 1830ís to the 1870ís and it was through these trials that the basic transformer principles were revealed.

Why We Need Them

The aim of these devices is to increase voltage before transmitting the electricity over long distances using wiring. The electricity dissipates due to the wires resistance and these transformers offer economical transmission of the power over long distances.

You will see all the power lines all over the area where you live, these lines carry very high voltages, sometimes up to 750,000 volts; they are not something you want to touch. Before this electricity is used in our homes, offices or buildings it needs to be reduced otherwise our appliances and electrically powered equipment would simply explode. Our average appliances and items can only handle up to 250 volts; you can see the major difference.
These essential pieces of equipment will reduce the power before sending it into the homes, buildings and offices. Maybe youíre wondering why they donít just send that amount of energy through the lines in the first place to reduce the need for the transformers, but itís really not that simple.

The electrical wire generates a magnetic field, this magnetic field is directly related to the electrical current and when this magnetic field fluctuates it generates an electrical current, this makes it very difficult to send through an exact amount of electricity, which along with the wires resistance will dissipate. High voltage guarantees enough power is reaching the areas it needs to, no matter what the distance is, ensuring that you have the right power generated to enable you to use all your electrically powered items.
Power and distribution transformers are an essential part of your daily lives and ensure that we have full functioning electricity current available in our homes and offices.

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