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You set high standards when you decided to apply to IMT Nagpur for your MBA. That was probably the wisest decision of your life.

IMT Nagpur’s students are the ones who set the B-School apart by going out there into the world and proving their mettle. It is with great pride that we welcome every one of the 2012-2014 batch into our midst. “Learning never ends. Nor does the imagination ever stop working. Both play an equally important role in the success of an individual. First he has to imagine what he wants to achieve and then apply his learning, knowledge into achieving what he has imagined,” said Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar, Director, IMT Nagpur.

The two years that you spend here will define you, helping you realize your true potential. From here you will step into careers that will make a difference to the world of business and industry. At IMT Nagpur you will learn to think differently: define the box and change tradition, maybe. Some of you will find that boundaries do not exist at all as you soar higher and higher into the beckoning limitless horizon.
Our faculty, the finest from across industry, will help hone your capabilities and drive you into going beyond the levels you set for yourself. There is a saying, that may sound clichéd, therefore true. It goes like this – if you aim for the stars, you will reach the treetops, at least. But, let us rephrase that a bit – if you reach for levels that are beyond the stars, you will land on a star for sure.

Every one of you went through the rigors of tests and interviews that resulted in your being selected to the top ranked B-School that is IMT Nagpur. This fabulous institute is going to be your home for the next two years. Yes, the days will fly, because every one of them will be packed with activity – both inside the classroom and out of it – and you will see yourself grow every single day, even discover new talents, come up with interesting ideas.

“Throughout your life, you will come across interesting ideas. Some may actually be good ones, and some great. And some may not. Yet, never dismiss an idea before exploring it fully, thinking it through.” Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar said.

To facilitate your growth, IMT Nagpur has provided you with the most up-to-date infrastructure. The library is legendary. Here you will find an extensive collection of books and publications – both hard copies as well as soft ones – so you can do your research at any time of the day or night and in any place you choose to.
IMT Nagpur is known for its comfortable hostel room, beautifully landscaped campus and even its well-stocked canteen.

Your first day is going to be memorable. One of your seniors voiced it very well. He said, “I still remember my first day at IMT Nagpur. I was excited, nervous, and scared at the same time. There were so many questions in my mind struggling to make their way out and look for answers.” You will feel the same way too, and like him, you will find your answers. Right here, at IMT Nagpur.

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Sunny PatelThursday, January 9, 2020

Really I like This Article and MBA is Good Thing..

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