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Examples of polished concrete are all around us, but because it looks nothing like concrete we often do not even realise that we are looking at it. Concrete is an amazingly versatile material that can be poured into wooden forms to produce steps, columns, slabs and many other shapes. The wooden form acts as a mould. All kinds of buildings and structures feature concrete elements made this way. Occasionally these structures are polished to transform the way the concrete looks. Sometimes it is walls and columns that this is done to, but it is still relatively rare.

The main place you will see polished concrete used is in floors. Poured concrete floors are used in the vast majority of buildings and polishing this concrete can produce a beautiful looking floor that is easy to maintain and is hard wearing.

You see this kind of flooring used mostly in industrial settings such as factories and warehouses, but they look good, so are beginning to be used in other settings. Some shops now use them, especially DIY stores and a few homeowners are also going for this option. Mostly in their garages, but occasionally also in and around the home.
The Advantages of Polished Concrete

Wherever this type of concrete is used, it has several advantages over traditional building materials. Unlike traditionally laid concrete, it looks nice. It changes colour slightly and has such a high shine that it reflects back overhead lights. However, if you prefer, you can go for a less shiny matt finish. It is possible to add colour to this kind of floor, so it can be used in many different settings.

Concrete when viewed over its lifespan is an environmentally friendly material. The energy required to lay this kind of floor is also far less. The economics of polished concrete are good. Even when used in heavy traffic areas over its lifespan it works out at 60% less expensive than most other flooring solutions. It is also exceptionally easy to maintain it can be cleaned using a Twister diamond cleaner. However, if you just want to you can just sweep it and use gentle cleaning fluids to deal with any spills.

If you want to find out more about polished concrete speak to Quest Ltd. They have been working with this material for decades.

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