The World of Counter Terrorism and the World of Fraud Prevention Collide

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Information Security, also known as Fraud Prevention, is a world that is a never-ending fight between good and evil. Fraudsters make thousands of techniques and tools to evade different policies, solutions and procedures made by professionals who have a master in information security who works in Financial Institutions and Security Companies to prevent fraud and scam attempts. Companies alter systems or make fresh ones if they observe a certain activity that involves fraud to recognize and stop the activity to happen again.

This does not only restrict to Fraud prevention only. The villains try to make ingenious and original ways to get around the systems that try to stop and identify them so they could do harm and permanent damages. The life in counter terrorism is also similar to the situation, with the good guys trying to prevent the bad guys who invent many and unique ways to sneak bombs into a ship or airplanes while the good guys also invent different ways to identify and prevent them from doing damage. The good guys who have a certain advantage and it's a master's degree in information security. Not only does the similarity of fraud prevention and counter terrorism stop there. The different systems made to identify and prevent the villains are alike or even indistinguishable.

The customs office is also another example. In different ports all over the world, an astonishing quantity of containers depart and arrive every hour. Customs officers inspect only a small amount of these containers for any prohibited and banned items. The officers check various containers and they must do it with importance. They construct different profiles on each exporter and importer like do they regularly trade with, what items and goods are typically inside the container and other things. The officers of the custom inspect the container if the computer system finds a container that doesn't meet the profile.

If you found this familiar, it is because the technique used for identifying fraud in banking on the internet is the same. You will find the similarity if you replace "customs officer" and "container" with "fraud analyst" and "money transfer". The system was beneficial especially in Israel where the police discovered the largest shipments of drugs in Israel's history. The system that is used to recognize possible smuggling of illegal firearms can be bought for malevolent ways. The system can also identify "toner bombs", which are well-known, and also other hidden armaments shipments also would face a great challenge passing through the customs that uses the system.

WeCu Technologies is another example. It is a start-up which is based in Israeli. WeCu Technologies is building a device or system to spot terrorists by questioning them easy questions. An example of the question is "Are you a terrorist?" The system records the biometric signs to identify how the person being question reacts, spotting the probable intention of malevolent acts. The technology improves and automates an identical procedure that is already installed at airports in Israeli. Security officers ask various questions to all passengers their plan and search for reactions that may point out malicious intents. 

How this simple procedure fight frauds, you ask? People who have received their ms information security and also visited Israeli recommended that banks should also do the same measures to identify the money mules who are interested in opening an account. The system has a quite obvious limitation which is that bank tellers aren't the same as the Israeli officers. The bank tellers can't be likely to identify any doubtful reactions of different people. The systems that WeCU developed actually can. Even though it is ROI considerations and cost-benefit may stop the systems from appearing in branches in the future but they still show as an example on how the alleviate fraud can be better by technological innovation.

There is a rivalry against the defenders and villains in the 2 worlds, operations and intelligence are important assets for the defenders. Many security companies usually tweet and posts in blogs about the new services and new tools they have acknowledged in an complicated websites of online underground communities full of fraudsters and hackers. Counter terrorism also goes the same way. Different companies, like Terrogence which is is based in Israeli, college informations on Jihadist forums, pursuing the actors and different discussions appearing in the communities

World of fraud prevention and the world of counter terrorism should really improve their relationship. The different systems that are installed in the other world can greatly benefit the other world also. The idea that is successful in one world can be used as an example for people who develop answers for the other. Policy makers and Solution providers in the two worlds should get together and share any thoughts or ideas that can greatly benefit both worlds. The time and place of the event will be unpredictable but it can happen in Israel.

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