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What the future holds for TV is uncertain. With so much content available online and with many internet companies looking to produce their own original content, it may seem that the traditional TV’s days are numbered.

However, this is almost certainly not going to be the case. As the way TV shows are made and broadcast changes, TVs and even Sky boxes are changing at the very same time.

For example, there are already televisions that allow you to watch the likes of iPlayer straight to your TV as opposed to on your computer, and the next wave of TVs not only have HD and 3D, but also an easy way for them to interact seamlessly with your laptop.
Whilst it may seem strange to some to want to pay for Sky boxes when they can get TV straight to their computer, the likes of a Sky Plus box are still likely to offer far more scope than computers ever will. This is mostly due to the fact that, due to necessity, TV companies simply have to be one step ahead. On top of this, there is the fact that a Sky Plus box isn’t going to take time to buffer, use up your bandwidth or crash consistently on you.

However, one of the biggest reasons TVs look set to stay is simply down to size and the actual experience. Computers and phones may be great, but they are constantly getting smaller, and no one wants to watch a film or a great TV show huddled around a laptop.

With the internet leading the charge in terms of how TV shows are sourced, there is still a place for satellite TV, and whilst you may be able to get TV online, the experience will be far from the same, and the chances are, without the right TV and sky box, that you will simply lose the closeness and comfort that a great TV show can bring.

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