“Thanks to the Summer Internship Programme of Jaipuria Noida, I am getting to know the real corporate world”

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Reema Shrivastava, PGDM student of Jaipuria Noida, is enjoying her summer internship project with Bajaj Capital in Delhi. She is getting to know the real corporate world from close quarters, and learning a lot every day.

Every big journey begins with a small step. Reema Shrivastava, PGDM (General) student at Jaipuria Noida, is surely taking her baby steps nicely, learning about the real corporate world and actually living the life of a corporate executive, not just listening about it or watching it from outside. She is working as summer intern with Bajaj Capital.

She finds the atmosphere very professional. One has to adhere to the office rules. “College life is different. But in office you can’t remain idle. Apart from that, one has to be dressed in formal wears and behave like a professional. It was a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but now I am enjoying the enthusiasm and energy here. I am meeting new and interesting people, and getting to know the real corporate world—hardworking, efficient and result oriented,” says Reema.
She is studying performance appraisal mechanism followed in Bajaj Capital. “Performance appraisal has always been a hot and rather controversial topic, especially in the business world. A good appraisal serves as a motivator while a bad appraisal kills the desire to do one’s best,” says Reema. “So, performance appraisal is an effective tool in the art of motivating and retaining employees,” says Reema, explaining the importance of her project.

She hails from Jabalpur and is currently doing her internship in Delhi. She is staying with her sister and this saves her from the trouble of organizing for her food and accommodation. But she has her fair share of difficulties. “Commuting in Delhi is a real problem but I have learnt to take it in my stride. Every day is a learning experience and there is so much to learn here,” concludes Reema.

Jaipuria Institute of Management NOIDA commenced its academic life in 2004 with the offering of AICTE approved academic programmes. Besides its flagship 2-year full time PGDM programme, it also offers a 2-year full time programme in PGDM (Service Management) and PGDM (Marketing)

The Institute has a pool of experienced full time faculty who are sound academics and experienced functional specialists. It also draws in corporate managers and proven academics as its Visiting and Guest faculty.
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