“Summer Internship programme of Jaipuria Noida is a big confidence booster for me”

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Siddharth Tripathi, PGDM student at Jaipuria Noida, is doing his summer internship with UCO Bank, Lucknow branch. He is finding himself exploring his hidden potential and learning to move things through patience and cajoling. He is learning new lessons in the art of self discipline.

When the clock strikes 10 O’clock in the morning, Siddharth Tripathi, dressed in formals is already sitting on his chair at UCO Bank, IT College, Lucknow branch. His job is to scan through the details of the loans provided by the branch to its clients. Later, during his internship he will carry out comparative study of the loans provided by two private and public banks in housing loan category, and then compare it with UCO Bank performance in housing loan segment. Finally, he will give his report on non performing assets (NPA) of the branch and help the bank assess how it has fared in recovering the loans in comparison to other banks.

Siddharth is very excited working on this Summer Internship Project of Jaipuria Noida. Initially, although the staff members of the bank were busy with the audit work, he still managed to get their full cooperation through his soft skills and good behaviour. “I kept talking to them about my project and shared with them the benefits of such a comparative study for the branch. Finally, my persistence paid, and now everyone goes out of the way to provide me the details I require for my research and comparative study,” says Siddharth with a newly found confidence in his voice. “Now I have learnt that slow and steady wins the race and of course a good work environment helps,” adds Siddharth with a smile on his face.
Reaching office in the morning and scanning through the loads of data till evening was really tough for Siddharth in the beginning. “For a couple of days I got late by half an hour, but then I decided not to let this happen. Fortunately, everything fell in line and I am sure I will have many interesting things to write in my SIP,” Says Siddharth. His industrial mentor Ms. Swati Srivastava, was a student of Jaipuria Lucknow branch is now Assistant Manager of UCO Bank , who has guided Siddharth in his project work.The highlight of his internship has been the visit to the currency chest (which is forbidden to outsiders), and being at the cash counter-learning the in’s and out’s of managing cash flow and operating Finacle (a universal banking product, developed by Infosys, to help with CRM and wealth management requirement of banks and other organizations).

He will be specializing in marketing and finance, and he is sure this internship will help him get insight into correct marketing and financial practices.

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