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The goal of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) Sports Committee Ashwamedha is to integrate all the students into different sporting activities which help them to learn teamwork and to co-ordinate – but it isn’t easy.

“Like in every organization there is a hierarchy to go through, convince and get an approval from,” said the co-ordinatiors, “similarly every event has to be clearly permitted by our senior management and given a no-objection certificate. Students at KIAMS come from different parts of the country and have a different mindset. Making them get on the same platform has been a challenge.”

The committee itself consists of three senior representatives and three junior representatives, a mixture of male and female, and selected by senior sports representatives based on their physical capability and their understanding of how to manage and co-ordinate sporting activities for the current batches.
They chose co-ordinators to lead the club, rather than have a designated leader or a president.

“A president is someone who enforces a system where a co-ordinator is one who has power and power simply means the ability to influence. This is the factor we co-ordinators utilize to make things happen in the world”.

Organizing KIAMS Premier League (KPL) (inspired by the Indian Premier League) it also conducts Ashwamedha which consists of different sport tournaments between senior and junior batches.

The club has also introduced a Frisbee game with some innovative ideas and also is also playing outside the campus for KIAMS, currently with Grasim Industries.
Co-ordinating the club has been a learning experience which complements their studies at KIAMS.

The co-ordinators say the experience has taught them how a simple idea can be built into a big event.

“It has taught us how to bring people together and make an event happen. Every event we have conducted at KIAMS has been a project – a learning project that has its goals, objectives, milestones and limitations.”

By serving as co-ordinators, the group has learned how to put theories learned in the classroom into practice.

“In our classroom we are taught principles, ethics, system and boundary conditions,” they said. “These things have been implemented by us in conducting every event. We have understood the importance of a sporting activity.”

The role KIAMS faculty plays in the sports club is one of encouraging maximum participation by students, whether in an active or passive role.

“Our faculty encourages us, or rather demands from us, that we create events which do not only engage the students taking part, but also encourages the students to join in as spectators and supporters,” said the co-ordinators.

Their words of advice for future co-ordinators? “Work is to be done – not avoided.”

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