Strathclyde Business School Fuelled my Entrepreneurial Instincts Says Arvind Verma

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The University of strathclyde has an outstanding reputation world over.

Arvind Verma, an alumnus of SBS 2005, and former Director Levi Strauss India, was particularly impressed by its triple accreditation and top ratings by FT, Guardian and Economist when he first decided to pursue his MBA from a top-notch university in UK.

Never did he regret his decision.“Strathclyde gave me every opportunity to make my life after MBA extremely rewarding” Arvind states contentedly. “The variety and content of core classes combined with the structure of course work equipped me (and others) to develop vital skills that influenced my future employability and finally my decision to set up my own entrepreneurship venture” adds Arvind.
So if the life of an entrepreneur is so desirable, then why do so few people actually attempt to become one? And why do even fewer attain sustained success.

“Well the only thing that stops them from treading this path could be the lack of proper guidance, inspiration and mentor-ship”, Arvind states.

Arvind believes that the benefits of a graduate school experience such as Strathclyde Business School can be enormously rewarding, both intellectually and financially. He emphasized the value of learning to apply one’s knowledge. “In some ways, entrepreneurial instincts cannot be taught, but what SBS and its faculty does is teach you all the different applications of acquired knowledge – from contracting, to hiring, to strategic thinking, to execution”, he says.

He further recalls his project work undertaken in retail, which exposed him to the Indian organized retail sector, when in India it was still in its nascent stage, and later enabled him to change his career path from International Business to Retail. Having moved from Levis, to Hardcastle to Gold Plus Glass Industry Ltd., he now runs his start-up business called Artezen Décor (based out of Noida), dealing in soft furnishings, wall paper, and carpets, in which he proudly mentions he has brought FDI from the initial stage of the business itself.
The good news is that SBS, UK has now set up the Strathclyde SKIL Business School (SSBS) in collaboration with SKIL Infrastructure Limited at their campus in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR. This collaboration between SBS and SKIL promises the same quality of education as SBS as 50% of its faculty will be called in from Glasgow.

Having kept his association with SBS alive, Arvind now hopes to take out time to act as a considerate mentor for the students of SSBS. He keenly believes his mentors were some of the most pivotal figures in helping him transform his novel business plan idea into reality. He hopes to provide the students of SSBS additional support within his company in the coming years.

Further he wishes the local setup of Strathclyde in Greater Noida a great success. “I think this is just the start of a long journey, and the whole venture is backed up by two very strong groups- SKIL and Strathclyde!

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