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Learning to speak Spanish can be very rewarding. There are over 400 million Spanish speaking people worldwide and it is the second most spoken language in the United States. Spanish has also gained popularity as a second language in Europe. While the United States has altered the labor sector into more of a service based economy, the need for a Spanish speaking sales force, customer service reps, managerial positions, etc are extremely in demand. Learning this language will also work wonders for the resume, as it did for me.

I learned to speak Spanish from a variety of teachers and sources. My first experience with Spanish was in eighth grade taking a course called "exploratory languages". The course consisted of several weeks of German, French, and then eventually Spanish. I seemed to enjoy learning these languages and learning about the respective geographies and cultures. I built upon my eighth grade experience by enrolling in two more years of Spanish in high school . The transition seemed flawless and I seemed to catch on to this language fairly well. The learning didn't stop there. In college, I worked towards a Liberal Arts degree of which two years of a foreign language was required. Naturally, I took the additional two years of Spanish and passed with flying colors.

So what did being bi-lingual really do for me? Well, for starters it was a great way to meet people and immediately enhanced my job potential. Just out of college, I worked as a sous chef for a local restaurant of which half the kitchen staff were of hispanic descent. The crew definitely had difficulties with the English language and relied on their "boss" (i.e. grill man) to translate orders barked out by the wait staff. The young crew working in the kitchen sized me up not knowing I knew their language. I broke the ice by introducing myself in Spanish and soon we had a productive dialogue working. These guys didn't expect me to know their language and soon adopted me as one of the "crew". They taught me more Spanish while I helped them on the English. The time spent learning Spanish in school really paid dividends for me to get to this point. Our team made a lot of progress and great relationships were forged. I had my second language education to thank for that.

Apparently, I learned Spanish the slow traditional route. There are some quicker and more effective ways to become bi-lingual. Let me introduce you to a gentlemen name Mauricio Evlampieff. He is the creator of Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish. Mauricio knows the challenges of learning a new language for he learned to speak English when he was twelve living in Chile. The instruction was laborious and he endured many unnecessary hurdles since he was in a "sink or swim" environment. He took his learning experience and realized he could make it much easier to teach his native language to others. Rocket Spanish is a quick and simple way to learn this fun language. Some people are learning to speak confident and effective Spanish in as little as three months. I took a combined four years of Spanish in high school and college and could have saved time had Mauricio's book been available at the time. His instruction is right on target and teaches you everything you need to be fluent. Take the opportunity to visit his site and check it out at RocketSpanish!

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