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Whether you are interested in language camps for teens and juniors, language holidays for seniors or even if you wish to join a professional course in language school for adults, ESL-Language Studies Abroad has some of the most amazing options. With over 160 destinations to choose from around the world, you have the widest choice of combining your favorite language course with your most preferred location. The courses are designed to meet the requirements and expectations of different age groups so that you can learn the language of your choice in the most comfortable and natural setting.

German is one of the most popular and sought-after languages for many reasons. It is the preferred choice of communication for professionals and businesses who have their base in Germany or who deal with German firms. If you are looking for good German schools Germany should definitely be on your list of possible destinations. But in case you are interested in combining your language course with an exciting holiday then ESL presents you with some really superb alternatives. If you are looking to spend your time with the nature’s beauty and explore some of the best picturesque locations while you are attending your German course, Switzerland is an excellent option. ESL has got some really exciting deals for all age groups and you will definitely find the one which is most suitable for you or your family.

English is the now widely recognized as the international language and if you wish to learn it, ESL would be the right place to look for the whole range of available courses and locations. There are many places to learn this great language and one such exciting and adventurous place is the colorful and diverse country of India. If you always wanted to visit the country for its many attractions such as Taj Mahal among others, now you have the perfect excuse. You may combine your language course with a holiday to this great country and while you are there, you may enroll to learn English in New Delhi .
The Spanish language and Spanish culture are most intriguing and very inviting in nature; if you have been mesmerized by either of these and wish to experience both, ESL presents you the option of attending Spanish schools in Mexico or in Argentina. Apart from having a wonderful learning experience at one of its Spanish schools Mexico has lot more to offer to its guests. ESL Language Studies Abroad organizes a lot of activities for its students where they are brought in touch with the authentic Spanish-speaking culture so as to understand and experience the rich local heritage and flavor. Alternatively you may choose to study at one of the Spanish schools in Argentina which is another favorite among tourists and language enthusiasts. After a day of study at your Spanish school in Argentina you may spend the rest of your time in exploring and experiencing the diversities and richness of local culture.

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