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It was a unique opportOn Saturday, April 28th 2012; SCMS – COCHIN invited its students back to their Alma Mater to celebrate and cherish the memories shared among them.unity that soaked in nostalgia, respect, love and admiration alike between alumni, faculty and students of the institute. Apart from networking with stalwarts, it was an opportunity for the aspiring to grab in a tip or two from the alumni.

The alumni meet was held at Pandhal, and promised its attendees a special evening with a chance to reminisce their best academic experiences and interact with professors and students belonging to different eras and positions in life.

Among the 46 alumni members who attended the event, the charm of the function owed to the presence of a Mr. Jiju , Mr. Habeeb, and Mr. Estes , who were the students of the first batch to have graduated the Post Graduate Diploma Program at SCMS – COCHIN.
The evening kicked off with formal introductions of each alumni member that was present at the event. Each member present was called upon stage to be tagged with the SCMS Alumni badge, which was adorned by every member with great pride all through the evening as the events unfolded. Mr. Jiju obliged the audience with a short speech which consisted of some funny and interesting anecdotes from his time at SCMS. He also advised , “ Please make use of the facilities and faculty well while at School otherwise later you will really miss them . Those who use the time well in campus are able to do better in their  professional life in the industry today.”

The introductory segment was followed by an evening of exciting performances planned and organized by the current batch 20th batch  of PGDM at SCMS – COCHIN. The performances seeped of hard work and talent, and the twinkle in the eyes of the alumni exhibited their pride in being a part of an institute that promotes academic as well as holistic progress among its students. The performances consisted of spectacular dance performances, humorous short plays and unplugged live song performances as a tribute to their forbearers and seniors who they look up to with great awe and inspiration.

The performances were then followed by dinner and an open networking session where the alumnus of different batches came together along with the existing batch of students to mingle and get to know each other. Most of the night went in cracking jokes about old times, remembering students, friends, and professors from the past and comparing the changes and the evolution that has come about in at SCMS –COCHIN in the form of infrastructure and curriculum. “I really had a great time rejoicing with my old friends” was heard said by most of the alumni members.

Many alumni members were seen offering some intelligent piece of advice to younger alumni members and students with respect to academic and career decisions. Mr. Estes was spotted in deep conversation with a current student, giving him some words of wisdom about professional growth. “I am extremely honoured to be a part of this institute, and I am naturally attached to every student who passes out of SCMS. It is nice to interact with the younger generation, exchange newer ideas and feel confident that the future of business is in safe hands.”
The members of the event parted with a little piece of memory in the form of a mug that had the word ‘Firande’ ( Celebration) scripted on it.

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