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Already OLED television and products using OLED technology has been launched in the market. OLEDís has so much to offer to consumers such as quality display, thin looks, good response time and OLEDís are considered as power savers which save up to 50% of the power. These days OLEDís have become the center of attraction for the buyers planning to buy tvís. They are very thin and light in weight thus can be easily mounted on the wall and can be moved from one place to another without much efforts.

OLED stands for organic light emitting diode which makes use of the organic compounds in developing this technology. In fact, it refers to a thin film made of the organic compounds which act as a semiconductor in the displays. The film is situated between the two electrodes which lights up when the electric current is passed between the electrodes.

What makes Samsung OLED so smart?
Samsung Oled TV uses a series of native red, blue and green color for fine picture display, amazing brightness and image contrast. The OLEDís do not make use of the backlight instead emits directly from the surface thus saving energy. In low light ambience such as dark room, the Samsungís oled screen can achieve higher contrast ratio than any other available in the market. The tv will also include smart dual view technology which allows two different users to view two different programs simultaneously while wearing 3D glasses and headphones. The tv also supports some Samsungís premium features including smart interaction voice, gesture control and face recognition including a camera. Samsungís OLED comes with an advantage of wider viewing angles than the LCDís. Smart evolution is another key feature which upgrades your tv with the future functionality. This will basically in the form of an upgrade slot at the back of the tv and you will be able to purchase an evolution kit to insert and upgrade your tvís functio
nality whenever required.
Though Samsung is popular brand known for its quality products, the prices of the products are quite affordable. What Samsung can offer to its customer, no other brand can offer such unique and user friendly products and features. Samsungís products are so innovative that has successfully maintained the trust among its customer and promising them to be better and better. Therefore, to replace your old television set, Samsung OLEDs are the best options.

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