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Since the onset of the credit crunch that rapidly evolved into recession, it has been well documented and reported that the construction industry has ranked highly amongst the most economically embattled of sectors in the UK. Besides the plummet in demand that numerous business owners operating in the beleaguered sector have suffered, many are also doubly burdened by the sheer volume and complexity of construction specific red tape. During buoyant economic climates, downturns, and as light seems to be appearing at the end of the tunnel, it is not unusual for construction industry business owners to enlist HR payroll help from external service providers.

In March 2012, the CIPS index clearly demonstrated that the construction industry was on an upward trajectory, increasing to 56.7 from the previous month’s index of 54.3 in February 2012. These figures suggested a more favourable outlook for business owners providing building and civil engineering services to commercial and private customer bases. This may have made for positive reading for construction business owners, yet many continue to feel impeded by the construction industry bureaucracy they are obliged by law to comply with. Construction specific payroll services can save time and money for business owners who need to concentrate their efforts on capitalising on their improved prospects, rather than being unduly bogged down in red tape.

At Moorepay, we ably provide sector specific construction HR payroll services that are cost effective and highly proficient. The monthly administration of construction industry payroll and tax liabilities is an extremely time consuming and complicated task for hundreds of business owners. Whilst they acknowledge the imperative importance of their legal obligations to their employees, their sub-contractors and HMRC, they are understandably keen to prioritise the winning and servicing of new work. We have the bespoke payroll solutions that allow them to get on with running their businesses, while we transparently get on with their HR payroll functions.
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