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It should be considered from the following 4 aspects to know about the physical characteristics of the coal ash particles.

First, know the density of the coal ash particles. The density is one of the most important parameters influencing the bearing stress of the particles in the airflow. The coal ash is a typical kind of anisotropic materials, with unburned and unchanged ores (like quartzite and so on), whose fluctuation range is relatively large. Therefore, the mean value will be taken during the classification theory computational process.

Second, observe the sphericity. According to the Gas-solid particles inter-flowing theory, the pressure of the drag force on the coal ash in the airflow is related to the sphericity of the particles. For the coal ash, many of them are spherical. Thus, the sphericity can be taken as 0.8 or so.
Thirdly, analyze the hardness of coal ash particles. The main content of the coal ash is SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3. Since the high abrasive resistance and high hardness and the serious abrading between the high-speed airflow and the diverting, the diverting function of some components will be damaged and reduce the classifying efficiency. Thus, the problem of abrading should be considered during the design process. The traditional anti-abrading method is to improve the were-resisting property of the materials.sand maker:
sand maker:

Last, analyze the reunion performance of the particles. The reunion performance is one of the most important factors influencing the classifying efficiency and the precision of the airflow. The better the dispersibility, the more steady the classifying, and the higher efficiency the classifying. As other high fitness particles, the reuniting theory is reducing with the particles sizes.

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