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When it comes to online courses, Australia has plenty to choose from. There is a long history of distance learning in Australia and in many ways, Australians were pioneers of this kind of learning.

From the late 1940s, Australian children who lived in very remote places learnt over the radio, via The School of the Air. This form of remote learning was a huge success and led the way when it came to delivering education remotely. Today, different methods are in use, with the Internet replacing most traditional remote teaching methods.

However, the fact that Australians are used to the idea of learning outside the classroom has definitely made online courses more popular. Australians know from experience that in order to learn you do not have to be in a classroom setting, so this makes them more ready to sign up for courses that are delivered via the Internet. Qualifications arising from these courses are also more widely accepted by organisations and employers than they are in other parts of the world, where attitudes are still catching up with current technologies.
The Best Online Courses Australia Has To Offer

There are literally hundreds of online courses available, which cover a wide range of subjects. However, not all courses are created equal, and some are better than others.

One of the first things you need to look for is whether the course is properly accredited as not all online courses in Australia are accredited. Some unaccredited courses may offer a good overview of the subjects covered, but if you take these unaccredited courses you run the risk of potential employers not recognising the qualifications or certificates provided at the end of these courses.

Examples of good quality courses are those offered by SEEK Learning, Open Universities Australia and Martin College. Many of Australia's universities also offer good quality online courses.
Finding the Best Online Courses Australia Offers

If you want to get qualifications to work in a specific industry, look for sector-specific course providers. For example, if you want to work in the health, beauty and wellbeing sector, qualifications from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences carry a lot of weight.

The search term 'online courses Australia' brings up a comprehensive list of companies and educational institutes which provide these courses. Adding a subject or, better still, the qualification you are looking to secure will narrow your search down and make it more targeted.

To find the best online courses Australia has to offer, visit the Career FAQs website and see our range of 800 accredited courses

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