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Advancing your education can open the door to much greater career growth, or even lay the foundation for an entirely new career. But too many people set aside the idea of going back to school because they can't give up their full-time job and salary, or have too many other commitments to attend a traditional campus.

Don't let these obstacles deter you from achieving your goals--look into distance education programs that will allow you to attend class on a flexible schedule, from your home or office computer.

Online Convenience

Although there are many perks to attending online classes, convenience remains one of the top benefits of distance education. Most distance learning programs involve little or no commuting to campus, which cuts out driving time and gas costs. Instead, students attend class from their home computer or laptop. With no commuting or set online class time, distance education participants continue to have a flexible schedule, and they can maintain full-time jobs and family commitments.

Although some online class schedules are synchronous, meaning students must log on and attend the session at a specific time, many other online classes are asynchronous, allowing participants to attend when it suits their schedule. Be sure to investigate the options of several distance education programs, in order to find a class schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Education Goes the Distance

Earning a bachelor's , master's or even doctoral degree on your own time may sound too good to be true, but with the latest advances in technology, a solid distance education is a realistic, credible option.

In fact, according to the 2005 survey "Growing by Degrees: Online Education in the United States," conducted by the nonprofit Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, nearly two-thirds of all traditional schools now offer online classes, so distance education options are far from limited.
If you're considering higher education, be sure to explore distance learning programs for the degree of your choice. You will find a wide variety of accredited online classes that will lead you to a degree, without the need to sacrifice your current life.

Source: eSchool News

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