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It has always been said that a perfect place to learn English is anywhere it is spoken in its international form. Today English is taught in almost all countries around the world but the education and accents vary tremendously from the native speaking countries. Even today there are countries in which English is not taught but with its growing importance in today’s market, learning the language has become crucial. In order to remove the barrier between languages, ESL Language Studies Abroad has come up with language classes all over the world. An English school in London is among the most famous destination for learning the English language. The cultural and traditional richness of England attracts many international students to pursue English classes there.

Similarly another important place where English is widely thought and used is USA for which ESL brought English courses in USA into picture. The place is full of market opportunity for growth be it education of business. It’s a place where you can actually utilize your knowledge once you are done with you language course. In USA you can also get yourself enrolled in English school in San Diego where the courses specially focus on your needs to provide results effectively and quickly. The courses offered in these schools are a combination of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary input, speaking, reading, and listening ability.

ESL and its partner schools offer various locations to students, with most being countries where the English language is the main official language. Learning in immersion means that students can benefit from exposure to authentic accents, but also to English-speaking culture. Being in an English-speaking country you get to study under the guidance of native-speaker teachers. The experienced staff and teachers are well versed in their language and proficient in their jobs. The same is true with English schools in Malta: one of the great destinations to learn the English language. English language courses are planned for all age groups and there are various levels from beginners to professional who just need little help with the language.
Students can choose to be a part of English schools in South Africa as well. ESL provides excellent language services in South Africa and one can avail them at Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Jeffrey’s bay, and more exciting destinations. The aim of these various locations is to teach fluent English but also that learners develop confidence. Someone who has just learned a new language might hesitate to speak in front of audience. So whether you have studied at an English school in South Africa or in the USA, the emphasis is on local interaction that helps you get to know how locals express themselves. The easiest way to reciprocate is to see how one responds in the language that you are learning and try to imitate the local style.

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