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Learning the Spanish language means you will need to use much of your memorization ability to retain the words from the language's vocabulary. There are different memorization methods that any learning individual can try but not each of these learning method works for everyone. The different lifestyles of each learner vary and that's why not all methods of learning a language are effective. Sometimes, time constraints interferes with the schedule while for some others, the cost of the learning materials is the main problem.

Fortunately for us, we can still learn Spanish no matter how complicated the reasons are. In fact, the most effective way of learning and mastering a Spanish vocabulary is when you spend little time to it. A matter of three minutes will do. The best thing about it is that it doesn't have to cost you anything at all, just your time. But what is three minutes for someone who has all day to do a dozen of other things?

Gather up your interest to forego other things for the next three minutes. Learning the Spanish vocabulary doesn't have to be difficult but it doesn't have to be quick either. Take a piece of paper and write down the first set of Spanish words with English translation right across it. Chunking is very important at this point but don't chunk 20 words at one time. Forcing yourself to learn 20 Spanish words in a day isn't going to do it. It's even more than three minutes if you try to think about it.

Read the set of words you have in the paper. It would be better if you have only a maximum of five pairs of words at a time. When you have gone over the five Spanish words, try as much as you can to retain each of the English counterparts. Go back once again to the Spanish words and this time, hide the English words. Your recitation is important at this point. Saying the words out loud to make sure that you do know the words and how it is pronounced makes this activity even more effective. After reciting the English counterparts, cover the Spanish words this time and leave the English words open. Do the same recitation, only this time, you are going to recite the Spanish words.

Do this everyday and you will surely have an increased Spanish vocabulary by the end of the week. You don't have to be limited by the Spanish language with this practice method. You can study French, Italian or German and even other languages with this approach. But don't get too excited. Its better you finish one language first before moving on to the next.

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