Learn Spanish in Malaga - and Enjoy the Sun and Fun

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You can learn Spanish in Malaga, which lies along the Costa del Sol, on the southern coast of Spain. Malaga is a cosmopolitan city and the locals are known for their warmth and hospitality. The spectacular beaches and sunshine of this area attract large numbers of tourists. You can look forward to tennis, golf, horseback riding and sailing. Malaga also offers you an exciting nightlife.

The Advantages of Learning Spanish in Spain

You can learn Spanish quickly if you join a Spanish language immersion program, in Spain. Language immersion courses are considered to be the best way of learning a second language. This effective method involves learning the second language by using it to communicate, rather than by studying the language itself.
If you learn Spanish in Spain, you can practice what you learn in real life situations. You can learn by listening to native speakers. You can use your new Spanish skills on the street for greeting people, thanking them, asking for directions, shopping or for making conversation.

If you decide to learn Spanish in Malaga, you can choose from the many Spanish language schools there. You can also enjoy the many tourist attractions, which Malaga has to offer. Often, it is the extra curricular activities where your best opportunities to practice the Spanish language occur.

Choosing a Spanish School in Malaga

If you want to learn Spanish in Malaga, you can consider some of the Spanish language immersion schools mentioned here. Abanico Spanish Language School offers Spanish immersion programs in Malaga, for young students and adults. There are courses in Spanish language, history and culture. Specialized courses are also offered for teachers, business people, tourism professionals, DELE preparation etc.
Cervantes International Malaga School offers a wide range of Spanish courses, for learners of different levels. The school uses a combination of classroom studies and social interaction to help you to learn Spanish quickly. Cervantes also provides specialized courses for executives, tourism professionals and those who are preparing for the DELE examination.

Malaga Center Institute offers Spanish language courses and training for teachers in Malaga, for learners of all levels. Extra-curricular activities and excursions are provided to help the learners to relax and unwind. Competitive prices are offered and there are courses for people with different requirements.

You can enjoy a vacation on Spain's sunny Mediterranean coast, while you learn Spanish in Malaga and have many opportunities to practice your language skills with the local inhabitants.

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