Language school in Portugal Achieve fluency in Portuguese language within a few months

Education Learning Languages Language school in Portugal Achieve fluency in Portuguese language within a few months

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world (comes at 5th position) and the main language of Brazil is Portuguese. Also, Brazil is on the track to become a world-leading nation and it will achieve this milestone in a very short time. Portugal is already a developed nation along with being exceptionally beautiful, globalized and peaceful. ESL language studies abroad offers an amazing opportunity to learn at a language school in Portugal. It is a rare opportunity for students to learn a new language in such an amazing place. If you are planning to learn Portuguese then you will get an unmatched quality of education.

According to UNESCO, the Portuguese language is spreading rapidly in different parts of South America and southern Africa. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome, Principe, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola. There are over 250 million speakers of the Portuguese language across the world. It is really a big figure and the number is increasing every single day. ESL offers some interesting courses at its partner language school in Portugal especially for people who want to learn Portuguese. It is one of the easier languages for English native speakers and one can learn it in a very short time. Portuguese is a Romance language and is similar to Italian, French and Spanish.
Languages like Spanish, French and Italian have much in common with the English language. In short, if you are familiar with English, you can easily learn the Portuguese language if you receive good tuition. ESL has many partner centers in the world including a beautiful center in Portugal as well. You can learn different languages in Portugal but the staff places more emphasis on speaking the language, mainly due to the fact that speaking is the only way in which one can improve communication skills. You can easily find ESL s partner language school in Portugal. The center mainly focuses on improving the speaking and written skills as students are allowed to take an additional class for enhancing the verbal skills. Students are also encouraged to watch Portuguese movies which also help in improving verbal skills.

The language school in Portugal helps the students to learn Portuguese by involving them in group discussions. The teachers at the school give more importance to practicing the Portuguese language so that students can achieve fluency in a short time. The performance of students is measured on the basis of weekly and monthly tests. One can easily get good fluency in Portuguese after practicing for a few months. So, choose ESL language studies abroad and learn the Portuguese language in the most effective manner.

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