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Leather is a material that has widespread use in our lives and for a number of reasons. As a very durable material it lasts for a long time and is resistant to wear and tear making it ideal for use in shoes and as clothing to protect motorcyclists. In addition to its durability, leather is also popular for its appearance although it is a relatively expensive material to use. If you would like to get the effect of leather but without having to pay the higher prices, leatherette makes an affordable and great looking solution.

Leatherette is often used when a large volume of the material is used, such as upholstery for sofas and chairs. Sometimes the artificial leather can look so realistic that it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing meaning it can also be found in high end fashion items. Leatherette is also available in different shades and styles, which gives greater flexibility in regard to what can be done.

Moral Reasons
Another reason that somebody may choose leatherette over real leather is for moral reasons. Many people disagree with using animal products, especially for vanity, and choose to use man made alternatives instead. If you would like to be sure before purchasing whether or not a material is leatherette or real leather, the garment should be clearly labelled for all to see.

Whether you would rather use leatherette over real leather for financial reasons, or on moral grounds, you should have little difficulty in finding a supplier. Many fabric stores will stock the material and you could also try having a look online to see what is available.

A Tough Material

Although perhaps not as tough as real leather, leatherette is still tougher than many other types of material making it suitable for items such as furniture. As furniture is likely to encounter a lot of wear and tear, it is important to use a material that can withstand abuse otherwise it may begin to look tatty and worn. Leatherette is also slightly stretchy which gives greater flexibility in terms of its suitability in how it can be used.
Leather is famous across the world as a durable and good looking material but if you would rather use an alternative, leatherette makes an ideal solution.

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