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If you’re thinking about booking driving instructors Manchester, you may not know what to expect. However, there is no need to overly nervous when sitting behind the wheel of a car for the first time. A good driving instructor will be highly experienced when it comes to putting learner drivers at ease, and shouldn’t expect to be thrown in at the deep end on your first lesson. Your first lesson won’t involve very much driving, and you’re far more likely to spend it in a stationary position being briefed by your instructor. You’ll need to take along your provisional driving licence with you, as your instructor won’t legally be able to let you operate the car without it.

Learn the basics

Your driver is likely to take you to a very quiet area where only small amounts of other vehicles are likely to pass through. Once you have reached this area, your instructor will explain the cockpit drill to you. This involves the essential basics of a car being run through. You’ll learn about the role of the gears, brakes and the handbrake as well as the clutch. You’ll be told about the importance of the ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’ technique too – this enables you to always check that it is safe to move before you do so and how to communicate to other drivers that you are about to do something. If you have any questions or forget about anything, you should expect the instructor to be happy to explain any information to you.
Don’t worry about accidents

It’s widely advised that you book at least one driving lesson per week so you don’t forget about the skills or techniques that you’re learning. If you leave it too long between lessons you may forget key information, so if you can afford it, weekly lessons can be highly beneficial. Don’t worry about accidents occurring whilst you drive. In the unlikely event that any damage is caused to the car or other cars around you, you can rest assured that you are covered by the instructor’s insurance. Also, they have dual controls and are trained to act very quickly, so the chances of accidents are highly remote you when learn with driving instructors Manchester. offers those who want to pass quickly in Manchester the chance to do so. To learn more about their driving instructors Manchester, visit their website today.

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