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ESL’s partner language study center in Nice offers not only world class language education but it provides some incredible facilities that distinguish it from other schools. Taking a French course in Nice can be a memorable experience for you if you book through ESL Language Studies Abroad. ESL’s partner study center in Nice is well equipped with world class facilities and amenities so that students can learn French in a comfortable and supportive environment. Separate internet connection is provided in each and every hostel room. The entire area of the language center is also equipped with Wi-Fi and thus students can use the internet within the area of the school.

Students can learn French with the expert professional team at the school, who help the students in every problem related to the language course. There are different leisure and entertainment activities provided to students which they can enjoy every weekend. During the arrival, essential documents are provided to students in which all types of information related to the region are available. In this way, students can comfortably enjoy the major tourist destinations in the city. A French course in Nice is the perfect way to learn French language under the guidance of professional and experienced teachers.

When it comes to teaching method, teachers at ESL’s partner language study center are focused on providing progressive French language skills to the students. The main motivation of teachers is to provide excellent French language basics and to increase their communication skills. An additional period is focused only at improving the French language skills so that students can learn the language in the most effective manner. Students are encouraged to communicate with each other in French so that they can easily achieve fluency in conversations. French courses in Nice from ESL language studies abroad help students to face real life conversations in order to enhance their vocabulary. The teachers are experienced and native French speakers.
Courses offered by ESL are designed for all ages and the courses are designed in the category of standard course, business course, intensive course, certification course and even combined course. A business course at ESL is mainly based upon providing core knowledge which is essential for business transactions. Courses can extend from two weeks to a year, depending on students’ needs. Certification courses are especially for students who want to excel in French language exams. So, a French course in Nice can provide wonderful results for people who want incredible improvement in a short time.

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