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20 FORE faculty members visited China, the country that has shown the world that it means business. They learnt a lot during their visit and are implementing their findings into the FORE curriculum.

It really is no secret. In fact, FORE School of Management, New Delhi, is the first to admit that today the world has a lot to learn from China. The country’s economy has grown from strength to burgeoning strength despite all odds. Officially named the People’s Republic of China, this huge country has the world’s largest population and has used its ‘people power’ effectively. Wanting the FORE faculty to experience China first hand, the B-School organized a visit to this country for its entire body of faculty. They experienced China in a nutshell.

“During this three day visit, we actually saw firsthand what makes China tick,” says Prof.Pradip Chakrabarty who thoroughly enjoyed every moment of China. The faculty had interactive sessions with scholarsfrom the University of International Business at Beijing. They covered important topics like China’sInternational Business Environment, Chinese Economy and its International Trade Policy, Logistics inChina, Chinese Management and Negotiation Styles, and Conflict Management.
“Indian business can learn a lot from China. The Chinese are very competitive and innovative. The word ‘cannot’ does not exist in their dictionary,” says Prof. Pradip Chakrabarty his voice reflecting a new determination. “I think if we remove the word ‘cannot’ and replace it with ‘can, and ‘will’ we are sure to succeed.” These positive words change the mind-set in an instant.

The team visited Beijing and Shanghai. China and the Chinese believe in themselves and are a dedicated lot, the faculty found. The very air in China is filled with anticipation of action. People on the streets walk around with a purpose. FORE’s faculty found that although Beijing was challenging in that they heard very little English on the streets, they enjoyed fast food. “All the fast food chains dot the road sides,” says Dr Shalini Kalra Sahi, “and business was booming.”

Although their trip was jam packed with meetings and interactions, they did manage some sightseeing. “The Great Wall of China is truly ‘Great’,” smiles Dr.Sanghamitra Buddhapriya. “I also found the Chinese food very different there from what is served in India. I think I like our Indian version better.” Quite obviously, we Indians like our ‘gharkakhaana’ best.

Throughout her stay in Beijing, Dr.Sanghamitra Buddhapriya was fascinated by the number of people she saw during the rush hour. “I read somewhere that the Beijing authorities are encouraging people to share taxis, which would help in reducing the congestion, and pollution,” she says. “I enjoyed China thoroughly and am quite fascinated with the way the country has developed into a superb industrial power.”
They found the city of Shanghai is constantly restructuring, changing, renewing and re-planning to make itself into a financial hub in China. . “The city is moving at an amazing pace. Skyline of Shanghai represents its achievements over the years and its optimistic vision of growth,”Dr.Prachi Bhatt observed. Recently, Shanghai was ranked sixth among the financial centres in the world. During the previous survey, it stood at eight, with London and New York firmly in the lead right now.

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