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Kids love learning, but learning has to be fun. This is how they know that the best way for kids to learn things is by learning through play. What is more fun? Learning about how plants decompose through textbooks and images, or actually going out into the forest and having a look at decomposing leaves? The latter is, clearly, way more fun. Hence, to help your child learn new things, or excel at things they are already learning, you need to find toys and games that stimulate their intelligence and learning progress.

My First Weather Kit
The My First Weather Kit is a great example of a toy that kids can learn all sorts from. It teaches them how to build an entire weather station that will work all year long. There will be no more need for you to switch the weather report on every morning, since your child will have already been able to predict what will happen next through the careful calculations they have learned to make. With a toy like this, you teach your child about nature, science and maths!

Magic Science

There are many other science experiments for kids, including the Magic Science box. With this kit, children learn to make absolutely all sorts. They will be able to create an actual wizard wand, a bubbling potion that glows in the dark, cast colour changing spells and other activities. The kit comes complete with test tube lab, meaning they will really feel like little scientists; or wizards, for that matter. This type of set is perfectly suited to challenge any mind, from the least intelligent to the seriously gifted. Your kids will love nothing more than concocting a new and interesting potion or a new and really effective spell and proudly showing you what they have come up with.

Science experiments for kids come in a range of different shapes and sizes, including perfumeries, disgusting science and spa science.  Really, the only thing you have to worry about is that the kids don’t blow up your house!

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