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Any school or college is always a hive of activity. When the bell goes hundreds of kids and their teachers all make their way to lessons. The corridors heave with activity and hum with the chat of hundreds of different conversations. Kids need their books and teachers need their notes and other bits and pieces to deliver their classes. No one wants to be dragging huge great bags filled with books, PE kit and everything else around with them all day, which is why every educational establishment needs school lockers. It's one of those must have facilities.

School lockers make the day so much easier for the kids. It's great to have a secure place to keep everything they don't need until later on. It's nice to personalise them too with some pictures and stickers. That way classrooms don't get full up of bags bulging with books and kids have a place to keep everything safe that they can make their own for that school year at least.
And let's not forget the teachers. It's easy to forget just how much administration and paperwork these guys get through. When they are done with their classroom and teaching duties they have all kinds of other tasks to work through, like marking or writing reports. Staff lockers are perfect for teachers who need to keep their paperwork safe and secure.

Staff lockers or indeed any other type of locker needs to be built to last. Over the course of each term they take a real pummelling. No one wants to have to be replacing them year after year. It pays to invest in something strong and sturdy that's up to the rough and tumble of this kind of environment. Something heavy duty that's built to last and won't need replacing in a hurry.

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