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ESL – Language Studies Abroad welcomes junior, teenage students and adults from all across the world to learn English and excel in a language that is widely spoken and used. The learning experience that one can get at these schools combines education with interesting leisure activity, along with beautiful locations that encourage more of an all-round education trip. They offer their courses at all different locations of the world and the teaching methodology is ideal for locals as well as foreigners.

The English course in Gold Coast is taken care of by an international team that comprises of experienced teachers and natives of English speaking countries.
ESL pays special attention to individuals, not only academics they also assist you with your visa, flight ticket and also with the accommodation at the location you might not be aware of. English courses in Malta starts from the very basics of the language and then moves to the advanced level. Students who have confidence in the basics can directly enroll themselves in the advanced levels. ESL makes sure that the stay of the students in Malta is trouble free and they get maximum exposure to the language. In turn, this means they can learn as far as possible.

The English language spoken by Irish natives is very charming and if you ever decide to learn that accent then English schools in Ireland are always available. Knowing this language can help you grow globally and conversing in the language is the most important aspect that is stressed in these schools. Ireland gives you the opportunity to interact with the local populations that are quite fluent in English. That interaction not only enhances your knowledge but also gives you a chance to showcase your skills.
Added features of English schools in Ireland

• high speed internet access/ Wi-Fi
• air-conditioned classrooms
• audio/visual equipment
• DVD Rooms is
• citrus garden and roof terrace for leisure activities
• cafeteria

English can always be learnt in the native country but the expertise and accent of the qualified teachers that you might find abroad is hard to find anywhere else. The experienced staff belong to the countries in which English is a native language. They cover all the aspects of English like grammar, sentence construction, pronunciation and even co-operative interaction. If you Learn English in Ireland or any other country you get to enjoy the location and change of climate from your own country and it also gives you exposure that can further help in your educational as well as business growth. Be it Ireland or English schools in Malta the facilities and the quality of education remains constantly high. Whether you are a school kid or someone above 50 you are sure to enjoy the learning experience offered by ESL’s partner schools.

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