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Up until a few years ago, very few people really thought that engineering for girls was a viable idea. There were several reasons for this. Many people wrongly assumed that girls were not physically strong enough to carry out all aspects of an engineering job. Most people associate engineering only with heavy industry. They assumed that women would not be accepted in what have traditionally been male dominated industries.

Why Engineering is For Girls

Fortunately, attitudes have changed, and now the idea of engineering for girls is far more widely accepted. Nowadays, girls are being actively encouraged to study for a career in engineering.
This change in attitude has largely come about as a result of the engineering industries actively encouraging girls to study engineering. Forward thinking engineers have worked hard to educate parents, girls, schools, colleges and universities about the fact that all engineering jobs can be done by women as well as men.

There are lots of successful female engineers working in many different fields, across the world. They are also actively recruiting other women to various branches of engineering.

Engineering is a field in which it is still relatively easy to find secure, long-term and well-paid jobs. These jobs can allow you to travel the world. Engineering jobs span a huge range of industries. This means that no matter what a young person is interested in or good at they can find an engineering role to suit them. Engineers are needed in the marine industry, mining, logistics, wind energy, design, IT, medicine, construction and many other industries.

The great thing about engineering is that you can usually earn as you learn. There are plenty of apprenticeships available across all industries. If you know where to look, it is not difficult to find one in any part of the UK.
Finding out More About Engineering for Girls

There are now several engineering courses available specifically designed to get girls involved in engineering. An online search using the term 'engineering for girls +your location' will bring back a list of colleges and universities in your area that offer these specialist courses.

To quickly find out more about engineering for girls visit the Girls Allowed website.

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