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   When you read the Algerian history is revealed to you by war psychological difficult fought and lived Algerians under French Occupation, which is still in control so far on their minds and find dealers in the dialect of the Algerian When roaming in the streets of streets and squares, find the "banners" written in French and rarely find Arabic written it in spite of The constitution stipulates that the Arab side of the Tamazight language an official language of the state.

    It's Arab and Muslim and have a lot of benefits for its people steadfast and find charm dominated nature charming variety, there are places you find are full of deserts and other places you find are full of greenery and the other filled with snow, the diversity of natural fruitful and rare plants which are animals threatened with extinction, including And huge stocks Astertatejy of minerals and oil.

   Large area of ​​the State of Algeria recently imposed interest in agriculture production and the need for self-sufficiency and to promote the economic level.
   There is good news embargo imposed by the diversity of the surrounding environment Valjnobion have dark skin gleaming in the sunlight either North Vimton skin white mixed nationalities other find pretty girls who imitate Baluniat and find they're involved in Islamic dress modestly and Algeria has been affected like all other Arab countries, foreign influence. 

   Young man go  to restaurants, more Mathar in the present state is the peace of mind, tranquility and serenity, where the desire for some young people go to France to work for 3 months Tourist Visa and then return to rest the rest of the year in their country.

   I went to the city of Oran Bahia, which wrote about months, scientists and writers on the cultural and civilizational diversity, which enjoys by this city, where one of the best and most beautiful cities in the Maghreb where he said about Ibn Khaldun, "Oran, superior to all other cities, its trade which the wretches come, poor to the walls and go rich "

   Oran, a coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean climate of excellence, you find on a rainy day and find a sunny day and find overlooking wind waves.
   On the banks of the Oran find the most important sea port, although the small size of the other States are following the city after the capital of Algeria.

   Find the historic quarter of the district Mr. Hawari, who is also called the slums is also Oran old because it contains the imprint of different civilizations which have passed by the Spanish, Ottoman, and Alastama Rafrency, find forts, Spanish and find a mosque Basha, which dates back since the eighteenth century Among the most famous places of historical church Santa Cruz and the Cathedral which is now called the Public Library.

   Life and the spirit of tolerance to dominate the city of Oran, written, because religions had been present throughout the ages, either precious books are cut and cut and tells the story of what happened for days, and Oran, and their daily Lwahranjon

   Oran find music station known as rai music in the air in city streets or find that you will find other kinds of music, each year, is organizing the International Festival of Arab film and comes a lot of them are Arabs Alphenana station for art and artists.

   Find that most of the population of young people from the age of 18 years to 30 years and more places to picnic by the Mount Mrjajo where the climb mechanism "tlfrick" and picnic in the Green Mountain be raised, and the highest mountain lies one of saints is "Abdul Qadir Jilani" in Oran you can visit the museum National Zabana Ahmed, one of the revolutionaries and martyrs of one of the liberation of Algeria and Atonj Park for a series of hanging gardens on the sea.

   Oran city, it includes an open-style restaurants and French-style Indian, Lebanese, Egyptian, and both provide different and delicious meals and varied.

   Of Oran, the largest concentration of forts in Africa, including the Fort marina great, although you are Egyptian you welcome your very in this great country, both saying you Mubarak to you the Egyptian revolution, we want to do like you, if it was rigged and Oran will not want to be traced back to the hotel or place Astraank even go to all places magical

Maha Albidiny of Egyptian journalist resident in Algeria

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